What We Do

Captv8 Asia offers process-driven Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and services that enables brands to engage their consumers effectively, efficiently, and proactively at every stage of today’s consumer-technology driven Customer Journey.

Research show 89% of consumers who visit brand sites leave without making a decision. But make no mistake, a bulk of the web traffic you lose, go to your competitors.

We offer comprehensive digital marketing services that include customised Website Design, Content Management, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Event Management, Social Media marketing and Live Chat to convert anonymous web traffic to marketable Sales Leads.

Businesses who depend on sales teams to deliver revenue, often have no clue who they are selling to, or rather, should be selling to. Our Sales automation solutions are seamlessly integrated with our Marketing suite, ensuring a single database is shared and managed across the entire customer business, delivering to your in-house and field sales teams, unprecedented insights into customers converted and nurtured by marketing, as well as revenue opportunities and buying trends, while enabling businesses to work more efficiently.

Omnichannel Services
The trouble with Omnichannel today is that there really is no such thing. Almost a billion users use WhatsApp today. In fact, many brands use whatsapp and other messaging apps to communicate with their consumers and customers,and vice-versa. Yet, none of those interactions are captured on any CRM platform.

Omnichannel is an overkill. What you need is good old fashioned listening skills, great resolution strategies and fast response time. To do that, you need good data. Customers expect that.

And we do that.

Industry Specific CRM Solutions: Real Estate & Financial Services
If you are from one of these industries – Banks, Insurance, Wealth Management, Private Equity, Investments, Unit Trusts, Property Development, Real Estate Brokerages and Agencies, you should talk to us. We offer ready-to-use, out-of-the-box CRM applications tailored just for your industry.

CoMet – Corporate Meetings & Minutes Manager
Most large corporations have meeting room floors, and they manage hundreds of meetings a day held in their many meeting rooms.

Most executives spend 60% of their day in such meetings, which are a series of highly disconnected activities, planned and managed using disparate technology solutions such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail for invitations, post-meeting Minutes of Meetings are then emailed to attendees, and assigned tasks and other activities flagged off in meetings are tracked manually.

What if you could automate all that and bring everything into one place? CoMet aims to do just that. CoMet uber-izes Corporate Meetings.

Code-Free Application Development Platforms
Looking for a CRM, HRMS, Staff Leave, Claims or Project Management solution? Why code when you can easily develop any of these or other apps using AppActv, an almost code-free application development platform used by leading businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Email Management Solution
Many customer service operations depend on emails to manage their support services. We offer really easy to use and affordable cloud email management solutions for precisely such environments where support tickets by topics or other user-defined business rules need to be automatically routed and monitored.