Ever heard of a start-up who has been in the business forever?

We are that start-up. With over 30 years of experience in the business, we can help your business go further.

Manage customers like you would manage your family members.

We bet you are “numero uno” when it comes to remembering and managing your family affairs well – birthdays, anniversaries, class tests, examination results, tuition fees, dentist appointments, school breaks and holidays.

Your customers are the ones who make all that possible. Yet, you know very little about them.

We help businesses, large and small, to centralize and manage their customer data better, streamline and automate the way they manage customer requests, and retrieve past interactions, problems, purchases, wish lists and pending items for more contextual engagements, each and every time, via any communication channel.

Enable your employees to access any information anytime, anywhere, via any device.